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Shouldn’t my insurance agent provide these services?

All Agent/Brokers provide different levels of service, but do not specialize in rating development or management. In fact many agents/brokers use H&H Systems services to review and manage experience ratings. We take great pride in working with numerous agents/brokers who have all agreed the benefits of using H&H Systems service are unmatched.

Can you revise old ratings I have already paid premiums on?

Yes, employers are encouraged to evaluate expired ratings. According to the experience rating manual, the current and prior experience rating can be revised on certain criteria. Reviewed produced ratings is encouraged since worker compensation claims can take years to close.

The extended time is offered to make sure employers are not charged for claim losses that should not be counted against them.

If an old rating is revised will my insurance carrier adjust my premiums and return the savings?

Yes, if a rating reduces, the insurance carrier is required to apply the revised modifier. Any reduction in premiums would have to be returned to the employer.

What if the revised rating increases?

If a rating increases 90 days after the effective date it can only be applied from the date the rating was revised.

If a rating is revised after the policy it impacts expires, it can not be applied to the policy. Only reduced ratings can be applied to expired policies.

Will an Insurance carrier send a check to me?

Yes, or if they are your current carrier they may apply the revised premium as a credit to your account.

We are concerned about the propriety of our information, will H&H Systems share the information with other parties?

No. We maintain all files within our offices and only use data for internal rating review purposes. Only at the request of the employer would we send data out of our offices. Upon your request we will copy and share information with your agent and broker of record.

Will the review take a lot of our staff time?

No. H&H Systems will make every effort to avoid utilizing your staff time. After initial set up the only time taken would be gathering the data needed to complete the review. All we would need is to be provided copies of the worksheets and loss data. All we need are copies of the worksheets and lost data. If neither are readily available H&H Systems can utilize an Authorization Form to secure the necessary data.

You will be contacted to schedule a convenient time for report delivery to get all your questions answered.