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H&H Systems, Inc. was established in 1994. The company was developed to perform superior risk management services grounded on the principles of professional integrity, outstanding service and community involvement.

The company grew out of a significant need for workers’ compensation experience rating management because it is one of the few insurance cost an employer can control. Therefore H&H Systems focuses their expertise and resources helping employers reduce costs by managing the rating process.

Since that time H&H Systems has reviewed thousands of experience ratings for numerous employers. As a result of these reviews we have returned over $3 million dollars in premiums. H&H Systems has also developed an extensive experience rating management process. We have provided these services not only for employers but also for agents and brokers. We have worked for all types of employers, from the small 20 employee operation paying $20,000 in annual premium to multi-state, multiple entity employers paying millions of dollars in premiums.

We help employers save premium dollars by our unique expertise in reviewing experience ratings and we are capable of reducing costs associated with workers’ compensation liability. Used as both a management tool and a review procedure our services will reduce premium dollars.